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Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

CCOHS fulfills its mandate to promote workplace health and safety, and encourage attitudes and methods that will lead to improved worker physical and mental health, through a wide range of products and services. These products and services are offered in both English and French, and are designed in cooperation with national and international occupational health and safety organizations with an emphasis on preventing illnesses, injuries and fatalities. We provide a variety of both public service initiatives at no charge to the user, such as OSH Answers, the person-to-person Inquiry Service, newsletters, and the Workscape online discussion board. Services for specialty resources provided on a cost recovery basis include databases, publications and training and education.

We addressed the need to reduce the consistently high level of injuries and illnesses incurred by new and young Canadian workers, with the development of the Young Workers Zone on our website. We've also developed several other websites to provide Canadian workers, employers, health and safety professionals, and students with access to current and reliable workplace health and safety information.

CCOHS - Drinking Water

WHMIS Chemical Labeling Standards

WHMIS, the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System, is Canada's national hazard communication standard. One of the key elements of the system is cautionary labeling of WHMIS "controlled products". The communication and guidance goals are similar to HMIS except WHMIS's system is more graphically based, making it easier to understand the severity of the hazard. WHMIS supplier labels are hatch-marked rectangles containing seven pieces of required information: Name of product, name of supplier, SDS reference, hazard symbol, risk phrases, precautionary measures, and 19 first aid measures. WHMIS hazard symbols classes include Class A - Compressed Gas, Class B - Flammable & Combustible Material, Class C - Oxidising Material, Class D - Poisonous & Inflectional Material, Class E - Corrosive Material, and Class F - Dangerously Reactive Material. Each class has a corresponding graphical symbol encased in a circle.

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